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reasons why i love living in boston

I used to ride my vintage cruiser on the esplanade (this) several times a week, and it was awesome. I miss it a ton. 


I think that we have to be aware that people are allowed to make mistakes - #amywinehouse #quote

My gyno told me it’s not cancer, but cervical dysplasia. She did NOT say that that means pre cancer, but that’s what it means. I’ve got a lesion that needs to be removed because it is pre-cancerous. 

nearerthelingerie Asked:
cont.! The worst part for me was the smell. I asked them to turn the fan on as smelling my own burning insides made me feel sick. The rest of the day there was discomfort. I didn't feel up to working out for about 4 weeks. If I walked far or did any kind of running I got pain in my legs all the way up to my lower back for about 6 weeks. No sex for 6 weeks was a bit of a killer. The main thing is to ask ALL the questions and take it really easy afterwards to let yourself heal fully. Good luck! x

My answer:

I guess with me they’re going to cut it out rather than burn it. And I have to go under. The worst part is not being able to work. I pay all my bills myself and I don’t really have any other option other than to work because I’m in the service industry. I don’t get paid sick time or anything like that. Thank god I have obama care or I wouldn’t even be able to get any of this done and I’m probably get cervical cancer. ugghhh

They found some high grade abnormal cells. I have to get something similar to a leep procedure. I have to go under anesthesia so they can remove the sections that are high grade.

I’ve never gone under anesthesia before. I’m scared. Also, no sex for five weeks after (I’m already on 3 weeks without sex because of the biopsy).

Has anyone ever had this before?? Had to go under anesthesia? Why do I keep getting bad news??

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bettybornready Asked:
I had HPV when I was 25 (I'm 28 now). I was obviously freaked out, but my doc told me it wasn't a big deal at all, that I didn't have to tell my current boyfriend or any future partners, and likened it to my vagina just having a cold. I had the second procedure to check for abnormal cervical cells, and that turned out fine, and when I went back for my annual a year later it had cleared up. Just remember what they said about it on Girls: "All adventurous women do".

My answer:

One of my friends make the same Girls reference! I wish my gyno had made me feel less scared. This story made me feel A LOT better! Thank you. I’m expecting the test results this week 😣

To be listed this week. Enjoy! 

"She wanted to die, but she also wanted to live in Paris."

Gustave FlaubertMadame Bovary (via themergirlandthesea)

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