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I can’t even believe how awesome this raincoat is. ☔️☔️☔️ #vintage #1960s #retro #raincoat

Old photo. Revisited.

Yeah totez Camden.


Shop the look! This dress is up for sale at my etsy shop!

Camden! I think. I think it’s Camden. And I want to go there again.



Always reblog


London girls protesting for mini-skirts, c. 1966.


When I quit stripping my resume is just going to be a piece of paper with a web address that leads to this gif:


A series of selfies in pjs with tea but still day makeup because I’m too lazy to shower but not too lazy to put on pajamas. Also, I take a lot of selfies so that means I’m mentally ill or something right? #selfies #tea #thunderstorms #bored



You could say I’m an optimist.

Oooh the accuracy. 

I'm Darla Doherty. I'm a Bostonian girl who's currently living in Austin TX. I love to read and write, I majored in English, Je parle un peu francais, and I am a professional, published tattooed pin-up/alternative model. I'm obsessed with vintage and a collector of kitsch. I have an Etsy store selling vintage clothes I love to ride my scooter. I love cats, and I'm also a total health nut (raw vegan).
You can "like" me on facebook, and I am also on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest.

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